Business Spaces:

Link Centre is happy to be an asset for growing businesses. We offer affordably-priced spaces in both the BizLink and Link West areas of the building. Whether you require a private office to serve clients or simply want a space to work and grow your business, Link Centre has a variety of options to suit your needs. Joining our work community can also give you access to our shared business center, including printers, meeting areas and more.

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Event Spaces:

Link Centre has just the space you are looking for when planning your next social event. The Link Centre spaces can accommodate small shows, film screenings, intimate social gatherings, small or large meetings, baby showers, wedding parties and receptions, and even large scale productions. Each of the available spaces offers a unique environment in which you can host a perfect occasion. Choose from the Black Box theatre, the Choir Room, the Reception Hall or the Concert Hall.

Base Prices:

Concert Hall- $175 an hour

Choir Room- $85 an hour

Reception Hall- $150 an hour

Library- $60 an hour

MAM Lobby- $125 an hour

Black Box Theatre- $100 an hour

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