LinkFest 2018 – Singer/Songwriter Workshop with Mersaidee Soules (NSAI)

LinkFest 2018 Workshop
Saturday, June 23rd, Link Centre
Location: Black Box Theatre, 3PM-3:45PM

TOPIC:  Music Business

A review of the music business, as well as what labels are looking for in an Artist, and how to create the best performance every time.

  • Importance of online reach.
  • Tips on songwriting for each genre.
  • Tips on crafting a song for TV and/or the movies.
Mersaidee lived and performed in Nashville for seventeen years before recently moving to Tupelo with her family. She has recorded three albums and continues to enjoy crafting new music. However, in recent years, her main focus has been in helping younger artist to learn about the music business and also helping artists of every age connect with with other songwriters and with other industry folks to continue their individual musical growth.

Mersaidee is the NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International) Coordinator for the North Mississippi NSAI Chapter. The North MS Chapter of NSAI meets on the last Monday of each month at the Link. Learn more HERE.