LinkFest 2018 – Tupelo Lee County Humane Society

LinkFest 2018 Workshop
Saturday, June 23rd, Link Centre
Location: Lobby Lounge, 10AM-12PM

The humane society will be bringing adoptable animals to join in the LinkFest fun! (Kid friendly.)

About TLHS

The Tupelo-Lee Humane Society (TLHS) was founded in December 1979 to bring more attention to companion animal overpopulation and to replace the local “pound” with a true animal shelter. Both goals were accomplished.

Our mission is to promote humane treatment, prevent cruelty, provide education, and end pet over-population.

TLHS is a privately run non-profit organization (501(c)3), but we do currently contract with and receive funding from the City of Tupelo and with Lee County to provide animals care services for the stray and unwanted animals in out community.  However, TLHS primarily relies on funding from donations and fundraisers to help house, feed, and care for the 6,000 animals per year who enter our facility.